Functional Linkages with different Organizations

S.N. Name of Organization Nature of Linkages
1 Soil testing department Trainers For Training, Assistance In Soil Testing Lab Of KVK, Assistance In Organizing Kisan Mela
2 RTI Training
3 District Agriculture Department Training, Diagnostic Survey, Conducting In-Service Training Programme, Food Security Mission
4 District Horticulture Department Training, Diagnostic Survey, National Horticulture Mission
5 IIVR Varansi Resource Person For Training, Diagnostic Survey, Cooperative Vegetable Seed Linkage
6 IFFCO Foundation Training & Demonstration
7 KRIBHCO Grading Of Seeds
8 Dept. of Animal Husbandry Vaccination, Deworming And Trainings
9 NABARD Participation In Meeting And Training
10 Nehru Yuva Kendra Training
11 Extension Directorate, ANDUAT, Ayodhya Latest Released Varieties & Guidance
12 Kashi-Gomati Sanjut Gramin Bank, Ghazipur Training
13 PPL, Varanasi Training
14 Lead bank of the Ghazipur UBI Training & Advisory Services
15 ATMA Farmers Scientist Interaction, Trg., Goshthi, Kisan Mela, Exposure Visit
16 DASP, Ghazipur Training, Advisory Services
17 DSR, Mau Training, Seed Linkage
18 Bhumi Sudhar Nigam Training
19 Integrated Child Development Service Training
20 NGO's Training Programme, Gosthi & Mela

Special Programme To Be Undertaken By KVK With Finance By State/Other Agencies

Name of Scheme No of Programme
ATMA (F-S Interaction) 2
NHM (Trg.) 4

Details of Linkages with ATMA

S.N. Programme Nature of Linkages Remarks
1 Training Programme Scientists as resource person
2 AES (Agro-Ecological Situation) Scientists of KVK visits trails conducted by ATMA
3 Front Line Demonstration (FLD) KVK’s scientists visits demonstrations for supervision

Programmes to be Implemented Under National Horticulture Mission

S.N. Programme Nature of Linkages Remarks
1 Training Programme – 4 Technical

Nature of linkages with National Fisheries Board

S.N. Programme Nature of Linkages Remarks
1 Training Technical

Convergence with departments : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ankushpur, Ghazipur II is working with ATMA towards agriculture development of district Ghazipur.KVK Ghazipur is also working with line departments in training, demonstration, planning etc.